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Everyday we plan for one thing, ‘ How can we keep our customer happy ? What more innovative can we do? Because the better we serve, some exceptional we get! That’s what we SUPPORT FOR LINKSYSWIFIRANGEEXTENDER is all about.

Our outstanding services:

  • How to Install Linksys Wireless modems?
  • How to Change wireless settings of a Linksys Router?
  • How to setup Linksys Wireless Router?
  • Unable to connect to the internet?
  • Troubleshooting problems such as Router not connecting to internet or ISP.
  • Troubleshoot firewall issues with your router.
  • Linksys Router reset.
  • Accomplished assistance on Installing/Updating Linksys Router Drivers.
  • Connecting multiple machines to same router.
  • Connecting your printer to the internet via Linksys Wireless Router
  • Correcting Firewall connection problems.
  • Compatibility issues that arise with Linksys routers on IOS platforms.
  • Fixing broken DNS relay Functions.

Now supporting Latest Linksys Router Models

  • Support for Linksys WRT54G Classic Router
  • Support for Linksys E Series Dual Band Routers
  • Support for Linksys Smart Wifi Dual Band Routers
  • Support for Linksys EA Series Dual band AC Routers
  • Support for Linksys Range Extenders
  • Support for Linksys EA6900 Advance Dual Band Router
  • Support for Linksys EA 6400 Wi-Fi Dual Band N+ Router
  • Support for Linksys WRT54GS Wireless Router
  • Support Cisco Connect Installation Issues
  • Support for Linksys WRT160 N High Performance Wireless Router
  • Support for Linksys Wireless Adapter Support
  • Support for Linksys Switches
  • Supporting latest Linksys AC Dual band routers

"Customer satisfaction is our main goal". Therefore, we resolve your problem first, then we ask for a penny!

The work done by the professionals is better satisfaction. So we can proudly say that our certified technicians are much capable in resolving your problem completely. Not only the computer but also the support for printer services and connecting devices like router, wireless devices and removing virus and malware.

You may find different kinds of issues with Linksys router:

  • Dropping/Intermittent wireless connectivity:
  • Causing because the wireless device is under wrong network zone. Or, you are connecting the device on the wrong IP address that you have registered for. Or, the wireless security setup is causing hassle in the speed of the network. Or you are having an outdated router’s firmware.

  • Slow downloads:
  • It can be happened due to the IPv6 feature on the computer. Disabling IPv6 may solve the issue.

  • Slow upload:
  • If you are facing the issue you may need to set the router's Quality of Service (QoS), which means controlling network traffic’s priority, ensuring that the most important data gets faster traffic.

  • Forgot the wireless settings of the router
  • Unable to access the router’s web-based setup page

How to contact the right Linksys router customer service?

Router issues can be complicated at times. In that case you need to find out the right router customer service, which can deliver you the right amount of support at the right time. The right Linksys Router Customer Service aims to provide all tech support to Linksys routers through online. You can reach to the expert technicians 24x7, who are committed to provide an excellent support.

We also support

  • Support for Netgear Router
  • Support for D-link Router
  • Support for Cisco Router
  • Support for Linksys Router
  • Support for Belkin Router


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